Buddha Box Vertical Grow Room

Buddha Box Vertical Grow Room

Our Vertical Automated Complete Grow Room Setup grows more than 3x that of traditional grow rooms through VerticalPonic technology. VerticalPonics combines vertical growing and SuperPonics.

The 5′ x 5′ BUDDHA BOX  is a Vertical Grow Room Setup that Grows Up to 5x BIGGER and BETTER Yields than ANY Horizontal Traditional Growing Method Per Watt/Per Square Foot.


VerticalPonics is the technological term that fuses a vertical grow room setup with SuperCloset’s SuperPonics.

You will double to quadruple any yields per watt, per square foot, over ANY traditional growing method.  VerticalPonics 5′ x 5′ vertical grow room setup turns 1 grow room into 4 by taking the plant locations from the floor to the 4 walls!  Genius!

For example, you turn a 5′ x 5′ growing area (25 sq. ft.) into four vertical growing walls each 4′ x 6′ (24 sq. ft.).  This totals a whopping 96 sq. ft. of utilizable growing space!  You not only nearly quadruple your growing space, but also gain the ability to grow your plants up to 5x faster with our unique, automated SuperPonic technology.  Everyone is switching over to VerticalPonics, as it is the absolute best way to grow Bigger and Better yields per square foot, per watt.  Period.

Your 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room will produce up to 6 – 12 pounds of fruits and vegetables, and 2 – 4 pounds of dried herbs or flowers, in only a 5′x 5′ growing area.  Automatically.

The most common question we receive is, “Won’t my plants height be restricted by hitting the bottom of the tray above it?”  The answer is, “No.”  It is a common misconception that plants grow up.  Plants actually grow towards their light source, which of course, is most commonly above the plants.  In a Vertical Garden, in which the lights are running down the center of the growing space, your lights will grow inward at a 45 degree angle.  This is why we have included the 4 vertical net trellises.  This will not only assist in training your plants, but also in supporting them as they reach towards the light, thus increasing stability, density, and yields.  Your plants will have the ability to grow a full 3′ in height AND have perfect light distribution from top to bottom, thus minimizing the bottom third cut off.  With this design, your entire plant will produce, increasing yields even further!  Not only will you increase QUANTITY, but you will also increase QUALITY!  The end result will be 4 lush walls full of dense foliage similar to that of a hedge maze!

Two Perfectly Air-Cooled, SuperCool Digital, Dimmable Lumatek Lights are the center piece of your Buddha Box, enabling your plants to grow right up to, even touching the light source.

The Buddha Box Vertical Grow Room can house up to 48 plants.  Grow as few or as many as you like.

The average cycle time is the same as traditional systems, but the yields are so much greater!

The Buddha Box includes an two Eco 5 Commercial Air Pumps, perfect for powering the VerticalPonics Oxygenation System.  With our easy watering system, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of constantly refilling reservoirs for 72 sq. ft. of growing space.  A single  40 gallon reservoir is all you need for this efficient system.  The reservoir serves as a backup to the water supply and enables the Ebb & Flow/Fill & Drain system that is crucial to the success of VerticalPonics.  The entire system is set to timers and can be manually adjusted for perfect plant hydration.
Buddha Box Complete Set Up - View More Details Here.

Buddha Box Vertical Grow Room
Retail Price: $4,995 $4,495
You Save: $500.00

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