AquaBundance Aquaponic Gardening System

AquaBundance Aquaponic Gardening System

aquaponicsource-full-systemAQUAPONICS EXPLAINED

Simply put, aquaponics is the synthesis of aquaculture (raising of aquatic animals) and hydroponics (the growing of plants in a soil-less environment) into an integrated system. The fish waste (both liquid and solid) provides the organic nutrition for the planted grow beds, while the plant roots physically and biologically filter the water in which the fish reside. Beneficial microbes and invertebrates are present throughout, helping to maintain proper water chemistry by converting the fish waste into plant fertilizer. Innovative technology in the form of pumps, UV-stabilized tubs and unobtrusive plumbing help re-create this sustainable, ecological partnership – just like Mother Nature.


The integrated, elegant design of the AquaBundance Aquaponics System allows the novice gardener to grow a combination of tasty plants and healthy, edible fish – all in a compact, multi-level arrangement. Gone are the days of shoddy-looking, flimsy setups that leak and smell. Developed with functionality, longevity, and aesthetics in mind, the AquaBundance is the result of years of collective research and experience. This uber-productive system can be operated year-round both indoors and out, while producing up to twice the harvest of an in-ground garden – yet consuming only a 1/10 of the water! Elevated grow bed is ideal for the elderly or disabled. The upper level hold the inert, soil-less, growing media which helps support the plants, while providing an impressive surface area and living environment for the beneficial worms and microbes. The bottom, 60-gallon tank can easily accommodate up to a dozen, full-sized tilapia, that may be reared on a variety of natural, home-grown foods – including soldier grubs, grains and duckweed.


DVD video on aquaponics, a comprehensive illustrated instruction manual, and a trusted customer service team are available to help with your journey, should you require assistance. Warning: aquaponics is an addictive hobby that may significantly lower your carbon footprint.

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