9′ x 9′ SuperRoom Complete Grow Kit

9′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Complete Grow Kit

SuperCloset’s All-In-One, Turn-Key, Complete Grow Kit, Make Indoor Gardening Simple and Fun!

Take the guesswork out of growing and grow like a professional in your Complete Grow Kits: SUPER ROOM Complete Grow Kit

The Super Closet Super Complete Grow Kit is a professionally designed, fully automated complete grow kits that come with everything you need for a smooth and easy growing experience.

The 9′ x 9′ SuperRoom Complete Grow Kits come standard with:

  • Gorilla Grow Tent – The very best and tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available.  This is the only height adjusting grow tent available worldwide!
  • 4 – 600w High Pressure Sodium Lighting System with Sunlight Supply’s New Blazer 6″ AC Reflector
  • Timers for Complete Automation
  • Odor Free Growing with Activated Carbon Scrubber & Filter
  • Award winning Lumatek Digital, Dimmable Ballasts
  • Digital readout Temperature/Hygrometer
  • Internal Circulation Fans
  • Adjustable Net Trellis to maximize yields by tying and supporting your plants
  • Electrical GFCI adapter for maximum growing safety
  • Your Choice of the 52 Site SuperFlow or 24 Site BubbleFlow Bucket Dual Action Hydroponic System
  • pH Testing Kit
  • TDS Meter
  • Instructional DVD with set-up instructions and Grow Tips
  • 3 year warranty

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Hydroponic System 2.6×2.6×5.2 ft Reflective Grow Tent – $5,495.95
Retail Price: $4,999.95
You Save: $496.00

SuperRooms vs Other Rooms:

Made for beginners, essential for professionals “Grow with the Best, Harvest the Best”-  Your quality and yields are only as good as the room you grow in.

If you are not growing in a Super Room, you may as well not be growing at all.


Height Adjustable Gorilla Grow Tent – The incredible Gorilla Grow Tents provide the strength, support, and durability of an actual enclosed room.  They are height adjusting and can be quickly and easily adapted to become taller than any other grow tent.  This means that your plant size and and yields will increase dramatically. In fact, due to the increased growing area and easily managed consistent climate, your product quality will also vastly improve.  At 1680D, the Gorilla Grow Tent is up to 3x thicker than any other tent. This increased insulation makes them more smell resistant, bug resistant, light tight, and quieter than any other option. You need never worry about heavy and expensive components falling and breaking, crushing your grows, or creating electrical fires or floods. These tents will make all of the difference in your quality, yields, ease of maintenance, and overall growing enjoyment.


SuperPonics – Whether it is the SuperPonics 16 in the 2’x4’ combining top feed and DWC, or the Super BubbleFlow Buckets with their patent pending “upwelling recirculation large yield buckets, or SuperFlow’s first ever “non-clogging” aeroponics system, you are assured the best, easiest, fastest, and safest grows over any other method. SuperPonics combines the fusion of different proven hydroponic methods into one, creating unparalleled yields in quality and total. These systems are incredibly easy to use and are fully automated. SuperPonic systems grow up to 2-5X faster and bigger than any single traditional hydroponic method. SuperPonic systems are also safer due to the fact that if one of the methods goes out for any reason (air pump or water pump) your plants will still survive and thrive.

Your hydroponic system is the heart of your setup.  Many tent packages don’t even include a hydroponic system, or only include basic soil buckets, without soil!  The few that do include a hydroponic system almost always outsource the unit, selecting their cheapest option.  These inferior systems can slow your growth, can cause root rot, create poor quality, and are often times very difficult to use.

If you want to grow the best, you must grow with the best.


SPR- Closed loop SuperCool Lighting– This is very important to a quality grow room. Closed loop air-cooled lighting means that the lights are separately cooled from the outtake air for the entire Gorilla Grow tent room. The lights have their own fans cooling them off so that you can have a much more stable and temperate environment, due to the fact that the air is only pulling through just the lights and not the entire room. With this design, you can also inject CO2, if desired, as your lights will always be air-cooled and the CO2 will not be immediately blown out of the room.  This also provides much more flexibility in maintaining environment to accommodate both cold and hot climates.  Other grow tent setups don’t air cool their lights or have them improperly aligned.  Often times a setup is sold, to unknowing customers, with only a single fan provided to pull air from the lights and the room!  Not only is this incorrect and ineffective, it will also create yield crippling disasters.

Not all ballasts are created equally!  SuperCloset SuperRooms utilize award winning Lumatek ballasts. These top tier digital and dimmable ballasts are known to be among the most reliable and effective in the industry. These ballasts give you the ability to operate your light(s) at 50%, 75%, 100%, and even at the 110% “SuperLumens” setting.  This spectacular feature allows you to minimize electrical consumption and maximize your yields.  Not to mention that the time tested reliability of the brand will let you sleep easy.  Peace of mind is priceless. Imitation, knock off, or lesser brand ballasts just can’t provide you with this. Don’t leave your grow success to chance.

To correctly air-cool lights you need to have fully sealed glass reflector hoods that reflect light and lumens to the maximum extent. These reflectors are sized correctly and utilize thick tempered glass, which maximizes lumen output while keeping heat to a minimum. This way you can successfully decrease the space between plant and light, thus eliminating stretch and significantly increasing the density and fullness of your fruits and flowers. Because your lights are running cooler and your environment is more stable, you will grow top quality fruits and/or flowers that are compact, tight, full, and offer exceptional smell and taste. These SuperCool reflectors are also affixed to professional grade, durable yo-yo pulleys allowing you to raise and lower you lights quickly and easily without worry.  Beware of cheap reflectors found in other systems that are not air-cooled, or have poor seals through which heat and odors leak out of your grow room. These reflectors also use cheap glass that is not tempered, so they dissipate light, leech heat, and can even crack. Cutting corners with the lighting system will result in poor quality crops, airy and stretched fruit, and depleted harvests. Utilizing the best closed loop air-cooled light set-up is a must for achieving your best possible yields.


Phresh Carbon Filters – These carbon filters are by far the best filters on the market for larger grow rooms.  They utilize an exclusive carbon charcoal fitting that contains unwanted odors much greater than any other on the market.  Phresh filters are the only company that has access to this special carbon filling, which results in a neutral air growing environment.

Trellis system – A trellising system increases your yields up to 40%, as well as greatly maximizing your quality as well.  Trellises help support, partition, and train your plants creating equal spacing from each other and assist in the formation of a nice, even canopy, ensuring even light distribution and absorption for each and every plant.

ActiveAir Internal Circulation Fans – Properly sized and placed internal circulation fans are integral to moving all the air around your room.  Our design will result in a perfect growing environment. Proper airflow is essential in eliminating mold or mildew and minimizing potential bug problems. Many other packages don’t include fans, and if they do, they tend to be inadequate, noisy, and poorly placed.

Hurricane Inline Fans – These commercial grade, high performance fans are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish.  They are made with quality UL listed components for reliable and quiet operation.

Complete Automation –  Our SuperRooms come with everything you need to get growing right away, including all of the necessary timers so that your grow room is fully automated, giving you, the grower, very little maintenance.  Your time is precious and we want you to spend it on enjoying your harvests, not laboring over them.  You will not believe how simply and easily you will be achieving exceptional yields, even with little or no prior growing experience.  You can leave for up to an entire week at a time, while your SuperRoom is growing perfectly fine.  Most other grow tent setups are, at best, only partially automated, and are often times set up incorrectly.  This leaves you with having to spend hours a day in order to properly maintain an incomplete grow room.

Safety GFCI and Safe Electrical hookups –  Any time that you are mixing 100’s of watts of electricity with water and indoor growing, safety must be a FIRST! SuperRooms are designed with safety being top of mind, as they all come with the proper ground fault plug-ins, safety electrical power boxes, and proper electrical cords.  This means that you will only need to utilize one or two electrical outlets. It is very important for you to grow in a safe, stress free environment; to grow in peace without worrying about major hazards or disasters.  Other grow rooms leave it up to you to figure out what electrical cords, boxes, and safety plug-ins you will need to correctly set up your indoor grow room. If you use the wrong cords, electrical box, or do not use a proper GFCI plug, you risk an electrical fire, back surges ruining your lights, or even electrocution. Grow safe, grow SUPER safe.

TDS Nutrient Meter, Nutrients, PH Kit. You need everything to grow properly, not just a few of the more commonly known components. A TDS digital nutrient meter is essential to know exactly how strong your hydroponic solution is, as is the PH testing kit, to know your PH.  With SuperRoom grow room setups everything is included and explained with the accompanying manual, including a full line of the very best TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrients.  Most other grow tent packages neglect these important components because they think you won’t notice!


SPR- Grow DVD, Grow Tips Manual, 3 Year Warranty, Lifetime Customer Service – With your SuperRoom you will harvest better on your very first yield than people who have been growing for years. You will receive lifetime grow support and consultation along with a great DVD. All SuperRooms are easy to set up, fully automated, and come with A+ BBB customer service. Competitors will sell to you and forget you.  Don’t grow alone, grow with support. Welcome to the Super Family.

These amazing products are engineered, designed, and built in California, by SuperCloset, a trusted and reputable company that has been providing the industry with the #1 Selling Grow Systems in the World for over 10 Years.

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