50w LED Grow Light Red Blue White

50w LED Grow Light Hydroponic Growing Panel RBW


50w LED Plant Grow Light Hydroponic Growing Panel RBW

Brand new high power Red, White and Blue Mixed Grow Light Panel is perfect for your plants to promote better growth. 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for higher chlorophyll and organic material production. Much better than normal LED grow lights, this LED Grow Light has total 56 watts not 13.8 watts only. All 660nm red color and 450nm blue color which can be absorbed well by chlorophyll can make your plants flourish more and thickset.

New Arrival Upgraded 112 Red, White and Blue Mixed LED Grow Light Panel!!

Red, White and Blue Mixed LED Grow Light Benefits:

  • Better than only Red and Blue Mixed Grow Light.
  • Red LED bulbs and Blue LED bulbs are suitable for plants heightening and thriving.
  • White LED bulbs are good for your plants to absorb other lighting spectrums as supplementary like natural sunlight.
  • White Full Spectrum light “fill the gaps” in only Red and Blue Mixed lighting spectrum.
  • Can be used to control florescence in hydro and restrain flowering for higher and stronger.
  • More Efficient: 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for your plant chlorophyll production.
  • Better for Environment: It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
  • Less Heat: Low heated LED bulbs will protect your plants well.
  • Less Trouble: No ballast to burn out likes other plant lights.
  • No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants.
  • Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet(120 Vac) directly.
  • The best lighting time (led grow light lighting time plus sunlight lighting time) for plant growing should beĀ 10-14hrs.
  • Perfect for indoor growing.
  • Minimal heat to keep your plants from burning.
  • Hanging hardware for easy to set up in minutes!
  • Brand new in retail package and ready to ship.

Advantages of Our Upgraded LED Grow Lights:

  • More Effective for your plants! The lumen of each LED is better than other original LED lights in marketing.
  • Larger lighting coverage and further lighting distance make more plants absorb the effective light in a further distance.
  • Much Safer! Our upgraded LED grow light has the better structure of parallel connection.
  • If one LED is damaged when short circuit, our upgraded light maybe have one or three LEDs put out, but other original LED lights will extinguish three rows of LEDs (more than twenty LEDs).
  • More convenient! AC80-265V full voltage with U.S. standard plug for your easy using.

Package Includes:

  • 1x LED Light Panel
  • 1 Set Hanging Kit

We have been researching for the best Light Wavelength for Plants for a long time. In fact, we have discovered that different plants absorb different wavelengths light. For example, plants with red and yellow leaves, such as maple, absorb more blue light (wavelength: 450nm-480nm), reflect red and yellow light mostly. Furthermore, for different periods plants need light of different wavelengths. Please select the certain LED grow light according to your specific plant. We welcome you to share your experience of growing with us. We were, we are and will be your most reliable LED grow light supplier!

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