400 Watt Super Cooled Combo Unit.

Indoor Grow Lights

Indoor Grow Lights, 400 watt Super Cooled Combo.

Indoor Grow Lights, 400 watt Super Cooled Combo.

400 Watt Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo Pack.

Need a new 400 watt cooled indoor grow light? This super cool reflector package comes complete, perfect for those people who just need a light.


The indoor grow light comes complete with a 400 HPS bulb, capable of producing 50,000 lumens, aided by a 25 1/2 by 6″ tempered glass reflector for added safety.


The air extraction is controlled via a 138 CFM Axial fan, fully installed and supplied with 84″ of 6″ Thermaflo ducting, for both air intake and extraction.


This indoor grow light comes fully fitted with dual hanging yo-yo’s for easier and superior hanging. Combined with a 3 year warranty on all parts, except the bulb, and a lifetime customer service commitment.


Indoor Grow Lights.

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